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With the "Recent posts" view completed, we'll finish by creating the Recent edits view.

1. In Administer^ Site buildings Views (admin/build/views), click the Clone link for the "Recent posts" view that we created in the previous section, as it's very similar to the "Recent edits" view.

We used the Views Clone tool to make the Recent edits list so that we have two distinct views. You could, alternatively, use only one view and just add another page display for the Recent Edits list, overriding the settings that make them distinct. Both ways are equally acceptable approaches and which direction you take is largely driven by how you like to organize your views and the similarity of the content.

2. On the initial "View settings" page, enter the values shown in Table 5-6, then click Next.

Table 5-6. View settings for the "Recent edits" view View settings Value Name tracker_edits

Description Shows all newly edited content

3. Ensure that the Defaults display is selected.

4. Under Basic settings, change the Title of the view to "Recent edits" to reflect its new contents.

5. Under Fields, click the (+) (plus) icon and check the "Node: Updated date" field. Give it a Label of "Last edited."

6. Under "Sort criteria," remove the existing sort criteria by clicking the "Node: Post date" link and clicking the Remove button.

7. Click the (+) (plus) icon and check "Node: Updated date." Change its "Sort order" to Descending.

8. Change the menu link to this page so that it does not collide with our previous view. Click the Page display, and under Page settings, fill in the values shown in Table 5-7.

Table 5-7. Page settings for the "Recent edits" view

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