Removing Modules

If you decide that you no longer want to use a module, you have two choices: Disable

Disable a module by unchecking the Enabled checkbox and saving the form. This action switches the module off temporarily, which can be useful when troubleshooting. You can re-enable the module at any time and your website will function exactly the same, as disabling a module does not remove the module's data from your database. You may disable a module only if no other enabled modules require it.


Uninstalling a module removes the module permanently. In order to uninstall a module, it first must be disabled, and then may be checked off from the Uninstall tab (admin/build/modules/uninstall). Note that many but not all modules have an uninstall function.

Uninstalling a module will delete all data associated with that module, possibly including content on your website. Be very careful when using this option, and be sure to back up your database first. Note that uninstalling a module does not remove it from the filesystem; you still have to do this manually.

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