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In this section, we will configure the site's shopping cart, as pictured in Figure 10-22. Once we get the cart set up, we will be able to browse to an individual T-shirt page, select options such as color and quantity, and add the customized products to our cart.

The vast majority of our work for this section is completed by simply enabling the Cart module. The cart settings come with very workable defaults, but there are a couple settings we want to change:

1. Go to AdministersStore administrationsConfigurationsCart settings (admin/ store/settings/cart) and click the "Cart settings" section (admin/store/settings/ cart/edit).

2. The default setting for the "Continue shopping link URL" is to return the user to the site's front page. We should change this to be the full catalog. Enter "catalog" and click "Save configuration."

3. We can also create a Shopping Cart block so that shoppers have ready access to their cart from any page on the site. Go to AdministersSite buildings-Blocks (admin/build/block).

4. Drag the Shopping Cart block to the top of the left sidebar region and click "Save blocks."

We now have our shopping cart ready to go. That was easy! Next, we'll talk about what happens when someone clicks the Checkout button.

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