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If you navigate to the AdministersSite configurations-Site maintenance (admin/settings/site-maintenance) page, pictured in Figure A-11, you can set the site into "offline" mode prior to the upgrade taking place. This mode is useful, as sometimes updates can temporarily cause errors before the entire process is completed. Offline mode makes the site inaccessible to regular users while still allowing administrators to work on the site. You don't want users creating content while you are updating the database, because this could lead to losing some data or errors displayed to your site visitors.

When you take the site offline, you can also set a message to display to your users to let them know what is going on.


Our website is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Figure A-11. A Drupal website showing in offline mode

Figure A-11. A Drupal website showing in offline mode

If you wish to log in to the site while it is in offline mode, your user account must be assigned to a role that has the "administer site configuration" permission. Pull up the login form by heading to http://www

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