This chapter taught you how to use two of Drupal's fundamental "building block" modules: CCK and Views. These modules constitute the cornerstone of Drupal's power and are used extensively throughout the rest of the book. CCK is used to model your website's content by adding additional fields to hold different properties, and Views is used to display lists of your website's data.

Besides the basic features of these modules, this chapter also introduced you to the methodology for Drupal site building. Rather than installing monolithic packages, in Drupal each module provides specific functionality, and works together with other modules to enhance their functionality. As we created fields for our different content types, CCK was working together with the core Node module. While making listings of content, Views retrieved information provided by both core modules and CCK. This sort of cooperation between modules serves as the foundation for the rest of the book, as more modules join the party and give new shape to our sites.

Here are the modules that we referenced in this chapter:

• Automatic Nodetitle module:

• Content Construction Kit (CCK) package:

• Custom Links module:

• FileField module:

• Link module:

• Token module:

• Views module:

These are some other resources that we referenced and community resources for learning more about the new concepts introduced in this chapter:

• CCK Developers Drupal group:

• CCK Field modules:

• Views Developers Drupal group:


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