In this chapter, we introduced the modules ImageCache, ImageField, and Custom Pagers. We set up a Photo content type and customized its output through a combination of ImageCache presets, views, and a custom pager. We have the option to enable community tagging, tag clouds, and make all taxonomy links use the gallery view instead of the default taxonomy listing.

Here are the modules that we referenced in this chapter:

• Community Tags module:

• Content Construction Kit (CCK) module:

• Custom Pagers module:

• ImageCache module:

• ImageCache Actions module:

• ImageField module:

• Tagadelic module:

• Taxonomy Redirect module:

• Token module:

• Views module:

These are some other resources that we referenced and community resources for learning more about the new concepts introduced in this chapter:

• All CCK-related modules:

• Clean URL support:

• Image working group:


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