We built a nice, simple, easy-to-use site for our client that gave them the tools they needed for discussions and a knowledge base. We set up a forum that displays only posts that are in the user's language and a knowledge base book that all of the site members can create translations for. The major need for this community was being able to use multiple languages and easily extend those languages in the future. Using Drupal's core internationalization features with a handful of contributed modules, we have given them a very flexible multilingual solution.

For more information and discussion about internationalization in Drupal, see the Internationalization group at To get more information about core Drupal translations and how you can help, check out the Translations group at If you'd like to help the project by providing your own translations for Drupal core or contributed modules, the translator's guide at has all the information you need.

Here are the modules that we referenced in this chapter:

• Auto Timezone:

• Content Translation: Part of the Drupal core

• Devel module:

• Internationalization and Language Icons:

• Locale: Part of the Drupal core

• Localization client:

• String Overrides:

• Translation Overview:

These are some other resources that we referenced and community resources for learning more about the new concepts introduced in this chapter:

• Drupal core translations:

• Multilingual modules:

• Multilingual variables:

• Translations working group:

• Translator's guide:


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