After all that work, where have we arrived? We've hit all of the major pieces of functionality that Bob and Sarah wanted. Using CCK, Amazon, and Fivestar, writers can post their reviews of cool kitchen products to the site. With Fivestar and Voting API, visitors to the site can offer their opinions on those same products and participate in the reviewing process. And with Views' Search module integration, it's easy for them to find the exact products that they're interested in. Finally, the CSS Injector module allowed us to sprinkle on those finishing touches that make the site really shine.

Here are the modules that we referenced in this chapter:


• Amazon:

• CCK:

• CSS Injector:

• Fivestar:

• Poormanscron:

• Views:

• Voting API:

Here are some other resources we referenced:

• Amazon Associates program:

• Configuring cron jobs:

• Evaluation and rating modules:

• Third-party integration modules:

• Voting Systems Drupal group:

• W3Schools CSS Tutorial:


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