In this chapter, we have looked at building an event management site for the Aurora Book Club, making use of the Date field for CCK, the Calendar plug-in for Views, and the Flag module for handling attendance. The book club now has a handy calendar for display on the site, as well as being available in iCal format. They also have an easy-to-find list of all the attendees. The site is simple and easy to use, yet fits all of the club's needs quite nicely.

Here are all the modules we referenced in this chapter:

• Calendar:

• Countdown:

• Date:

• Event:

• Flag:

• GMap:

• Location:

• Signup:

• Views:

Additional resources:

• ADOdb Date Time Library:

• Date module handbook:

• Event-related modules:

• iCalendar:

• PHP date formatting:

• PHP strtotime:


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