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What Is CamelCase Linking?

The Freelinking filter uses a common default markup for link creation that requires putting double square brackets around your link: [[link name]]. An older method for creating links in wiki markup is to simply write a word in CamelCase style, where the words are run together and the first letter of each word is capitalized (for example, LinkName), requiring no additional markup. Freelinking with brackets was introduced to alleviate some problems with CamelCase, notably that you couldn't have a one-word link name without inserting capital letters in odd places in the word (WiKi) and that having words run together makes the links harder to read. You can use both styles with the Freelinking module if you wish. If you want to allow CamelCase linking on your site, check the box for it on the Freelinking configuration page.

Type of content that the freelinking filter will create when clicking on a freelink without a

What to do when clicking on a freelink without a target, Choose to always attempt to create the content, search if the user doesn't have permission to create [the default), or to always search. NOTE: search functions require search,module to he activated,

Restrict free links to this content type:

If desired, you can restrict the freelinking title search to just content of this type. Note that if it is not the same as the "Default for new content," above, new freelinked content cannot be

If desired you car only turn the first occurance of a freelink into a link. This car improve the appearance of content that includes a lot of the same CamelCase words.

Figure 5-3. Settings for the Freelinking filter

You will notice that the Freelinking module has added a new item to our Navigation menu called Freelinks. There is nothing listed on that page right now, but as we add links to our content using the filter, each new link will be listed here. As we can make links to nonexistent pages, this list will give us a quick overview of links that still need their pages to be created. This feature will be helpful to our SGA members as they review and edit the site.

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