Before we can open up our store to the public, we need to ensure that all applicable sales taxes are being applied to our items. As Sweet Tees is based in California, we will need to charge sales tax on all products sold.

This example is for illustrative purposes only: determine what types of taxes you need to charge to sell products in your own store. The Conditional Actions module, part of Ubercart core, allows setting all sorts of complex tax rules to calculate different rates depending on whether purchasers are from the same state or a different state, for different product types, or for international orders.

1. Go to AdministersStore administrations-ConfigurationsTax rates and settings (admin/store/settings/taxes) and click the "Make a new tax rule" link (admin/ store/settings/taxes/edit).

2. Complete the "Edit tax rule" form using the values from Table 10-12.

Table 10-12. Edit tax rule form Field Value

Name Sales tax

Rate 7.25%

Taxed product types T-shirt, Sticker

3. Click Submit to save the sales tax settings.

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