Although our site will not make use of most of the modules contained in the Ubercart - extra section, there are some interesting options available. The distinction between "extra" and "core (optional)" modules is a bit fuzzy, but in general the "core (optional)" modules are things that directly affect the online shopping experience or provide additional, extensible framework elements. The extra modules, on the other hand, enable additional functionality:

• Cart Links allows administrators to construct URLs that will add certain quantities of specified products (along with additional details). These links could then be used on external sites—blogs, affiliate sites, or within other content on the store site—to provide quick "buy now" links. Although there is no user interface for generating the links, you can read more about the Cart Links module at Adminis-tersStore administrationsHelpsCreating cart links (admin/store/help/ cart_links) when the module is enabled.

• Google Analytics for Ubercart acts as an integration point between Ubercart and Google Analytics and can be used to track conversion rates and marketing campaigns versus sales. This module requires that the Google Analytics module be installed (http://drupal.org/project/google_analytics).

• Importer is a very useful module for exchanging Ubercart data with external systems. Importer actually provides import and export of product information via an XML format.

• Product Kit enables a feature for grouping products together to be sold as a single unit. The kit can then have its own (discounted) price for the collection of products.

• Repeater provides the functionality to update product information on remote Ubercart stores. This module is very useful if Ubercart is working in a multisite setup, with related or dependent stores. The updates to product information are sent using the same format as the Importer module.

• Stock provides tools for tracking and managing stock levels of items in the store. Store administrators can set thresholds for products, below which they will be notified via email to indicate low stock levels. The Stock module also integrates with the Reports module to provide stock levels reporting.

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