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Drupal 6 core includes a module called Update Status, which periodically checks Dru-pal.org for new releases of modules, themes, and Drupal itself. If one or more of these projects are out of date, or if there is a new security release available, a red warning will be displayed on all pages of the administration panel, telling you to head to Adminis-tersReportssAvailable updates (admin/reports/updates) for more information. You can also sign up for the security mailing list at http://drupal.org/security and/or follow the Security RSS feed (http://drupal.org/security/rss.xml).

The "Available updates" screen, as shown in Figure A-10, displays an index of projects installed on your website, colored according to status.

Last checked; 4 sec ago (Check manjairy) Drupal care

Drupal 6.3 Security update: 6.4 [2008-Aug-13)

Security update required! Ö

Download Release notes

Includes: Block, Book, Color, Comment, Contact, Database logging. Filter, Garland, Help, Menu, Node, PHP filter. System, Taxonomy, Trigger, Update status, User


Coder 6.x-l.x-dev (2008-Feb-17) Recommended version: 6.X-1.Q (2008-Aug-30) Development version: 6,x-l.x-dev (200Q-Aug-31)

Update available O

Download Release notes Download Release notes

Includes: Coder

commentmail HEAD (2008-Feb-17)

No available releases found ¿^

Includes: Comment Mail

Content Construction Kit (CCK) 6.x-2.0-rc6

Up to date </

Includes: Content, Fieldgroup, Node Reference, Number, Option Widgets, Text, User Reference

Figure A-10. Update status showing the different project statuses

The color codes indicate the following status states:

A new recommended version of this project is available, and the version on this website is out of date. Pay special attention to projects marked "Security update required!" and download the new recommended versions immediately.


Update status was not able to find the state of this project. This will happen on projects such as a specific site's custom, hand-built theme, or on projects that were not downloaded from Drupal.org, or if there was a problem reading the status information for this project.


Project is up-to-date. No further action is required.

* > The Update Status module can be very noisy if you have many modules installed; over the course of a week, several modules may ' ' 1.4' report that new updates are available if they're undergoing heavy development. You can adjust the notification threshold at Admin-ister^Reports^Available updates on the Settings tab (admin/ reports/updates/settings) to email only about security releases, which are mandatory, rather than regular bug fix releases.

Security updates should be taken very seriously and updated as soon as possible. Read the module's release notes for more information about bug fixes or features that the update offers.

There is also a contributed module called the Upgrade Status module (http://drupal.org/ project/upgrade_status), similar to the Update Status module, which will display similar information about enabled modules and whether they have been ported to the next major Drupal version. This functionality comes in handy when determining when might be a good time to move to a new major version, such as from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

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