User Profiles

Each user has a special page in Drupal called their user profile. This is the page that you see when clicking the "My account" link after you have logged in. Other users might visit your user profile page by clicking your name next to a blog entry or comment you

Figure 2-33. A sample user profile have authored on the site. By default, the user profile page lists some simple information about the account, such as the username and the length of time that the user has been registered on the site. However, using add-on modules, including the core Profile module, you can add additional fields such as those in Figure 2-33, or even change the way this page looks entirely. Users may change basic settings in their user profile, such as their password and their time zone, and other modules can add additional features here as well, such as a language selection or a field to upload a picture to be displayed along with each of your user's posts.

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