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We can already see the revisions list for our content and go back to view the revisions, but what the SGA really wants to be able to do is see the difference between them. Small changes on large pages will be nearly impossible to see if all we get is the whole text for each revision. Enter the Diff module. This module plugs neatly into the existing revision system to give us an additional view that narrows in to only the specific lines of text that have changed and helpfully highlights changed words. Anyone with the "view revisions" permission will be able to use Diff.

Go to Administers Site buildings Modules (admin/build/modules) and enable the Diff module under the Other package.

Now, return to our revision page by clicking the Revisions tab on our Help Page, and you will see a new button named Show Diff as well as a set of radio buttons for each revision. To see the changes between two versions, select a radio button for each revision you wish to compare and click the Show Diff button. Figure 5-15 shows the revision comparison screen.

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Revisions for Help

The revisions let you track differences between multiple versions of a post.






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Figure 5-14. A list of all revisions for the Help page

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