What Features Does Drupal Offer

Drupal provides a number of features, which are explained in greater detail in Chapter 2. These include:

Flexible module system

Modules are plug-ins that can modify and add features to a Drupal site. For almost any functional need, chances are good that either an existing module fits the need exactly or can be combined with other modules to fit the need, or that whatever existing code there is can get you a good chunk of the way there.

Customizable theming system

All output in Drupal is fully customizable, so you can bend the look and feel of your site to your will (or, more precisely, to your designer's will).

Extensible content creation

You can define new types of content (blog, event, word of the day) on the fly. Contributed modules can take this one step further and allow administrators to create custom fields within your newly created content types.

Innate search engine optimization

Drupal offers out-of-the-box support for human-readable system URLs, and all of Drupal's output is standards-compliant; both of these features make for search-engine friendly websites. Role-based access permissions

Custom roles and a plethora of permissions allow for fine-grained control over who can access what within the system. And existing modules can take this level of access control even further—down to the individual user level.

Social publishing and collaboration tools

Drupal has built-in support for tools such as group blogging, comments, forums, and customized user profiles. The addition of almost any other feature you can imagine—for instance, ratings, user groups, or moderation tools—is only a download away.

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