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The Amazon module is actually an entire collection of modules, each with its own purpose:

• The core Amazon API module handles communication with the Amazon.com website and ensures that pricing information on products stays up-to-date. All of the other modules included in the package require this one.

• The Amazon Media module stores extra information about certain types of products. For example, it's responsible for storing and displaying the MPAA rating for movies and the console that video games run on.

• The Amazon Search module adds the ability to search for Amazon.com products from Drupal's default Search page.

• The Amazon Field module allows administrators to add a field to any content type that stores an Amazon product ID, and displays a photo of the product straight from Amazon.com. This module is the one that we'll be using to enhance our Product Review content type.

• The Amazon Filter module allows writers to insert product images and information into any piece of content using the [amazon] tag. It's useful for bloggers or writers who want to link to products occasionally but don't need the structure of an explicit field just for product links.

The Amazon module doesn't require much configuration, but there are several important settings that most site administrators will want to change on its configuration page, at Administers Site configurations-Amazon API (admin/settings/amazon) and pictured in Figure 4-5.

Home > Administer > Site configuration amazon api storage test

Amazon locale:

Amszon.com uses separate product databases and Ecommerce features in diffefent locales; pricing and availability information, as well as product categorization, differs From one locale to the next. Be sure to select the locale your site will be running in.

Amazon referral settings:

' Use your own associate ID

Outgoing links to Amazon.oom can include an associate ID code. When shoppers purchase Amazon products via one of those links, the associate ID is used to determine who should receive a referral bonus from Amazon.com.

Your associate ID:

drupal-20 j

Enter your own associate ID to receive referral bonuses when shoppers purchase Amazon products via your site,

Amazon API key:


Applications must use a unique key to aocess Amazon services. One is supplied with the Drupa! Amazon API module by default, but developers building high-traffic custom modules on the Amazon API may want to enter a custom key here.

Save configuration Reset to defaults

Figure 4-5. The Amazon module's settings page

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