Clearing the Boost cache

If you want to clear your Boost cache at any time and see how this affects the /cache folder on your site, go to the Boost cache configuration page at Performance | Boost Settings and click on the Clear ALL Boost cached data button and the Clear Boost expired data button. Since you started caching, these buttons will tell you how many pages they are caching respectively. This is another good example of the flexibility of this module.

| Clear ALL Boost cached data: 9 pages | | Clear Boost expired data: 5 pages~|

Once you have cleared cached data from Boost, you will receive messages telling you that the Boost: Static page cache cleared and/or a message stating Boost: Expired stale files from static page cache. To see the results, check your /cache directories and you should see that all the previously cached HTML pages are now deleted. Through FTP you may need to run your F5 function key to refresh the / node directory. The HTML files will be deleted. If you refresh your /node directory, it should now be empty. This is a method of clearing the cache manually instead of waiting for it to clear based on the minimum cache lifetime you set as per cron runs. Again, this is a very flexible functionality allowing you both manual control and auto control of your page caching.

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