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The first thing you'll want to do in order to follow these instructions is make sure you're running a WAMP localhost environment on your Windows XP system. I am using the portable application called MoWeS that installs Apache, MySQL, and PHP on your C drive so that you can run the Apache web server in a development configuration through your localhost. You can download the MoWeS Portable packages here:

To install MoWeS follow these steps:

1. Visit the MoWeS website and go to the Download link.

2. Select the I do not have a MoWeS portable II Package and want to obtain a new package link if you are installing a brand new MoWeS install. Click on Go.

3. Choose the applications you want to install. I chose the following: Apache 2, MySQL 5, PHP52 (version 5.2.10). If you choose to use another popular localhost package such as WAMP (Windows Apache, MySQL, PHP) make sure to use the package that includes PHP 5.2.x. PHP 5.3.x will cause issues with some Drupal contributed modules due to an issue with ereg() being deprecated in PHP 5.3 and higher. So for now make sure that you are using PHP 5.2 in your production and live environments.

4. You do not need to choose any application software because you can install Drupal manually in your /www directory once you install MoWeS.

5. Download the package called to your desktop.

6. Move the ZIP file to your c drive and extract it. It will create all of the application directories necessary including mysql and php5.

7. Run the mowes.exe file to install MoWeS. If you run into installation issues, check the MoWeS documentation and support on the MoWeS site.

Once you get MoWeS (or a similar portable application that provides a WAMP environment) installed, you should have the following folders located in your C drive:

• www: This is where all of your localhost Drupal sites will reside.

• apache2: The Apache web server folder and files.

• mysql: The MySQL folder and files.

• mowes.exe: This is the MoWeS Portable executable file that lives at the root of your c drive. Double-click on this to fire up your MoWeS Portable application and start the Apache web server.

Start up your MoWeS Portable application by clicking on the mowes.exe file. Once you do this, you should see a MoWeS Portable status box open telling you that Apache and MySQL are running without issue. Everything in the box should be green and you should also see a Stop server button and an End button.

MoWeS Portable II © CH Software 2003 2009

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MoWeS Portable II - Status

Apache is running... MySQL is running...

Stop server I

More packages? More support? More MoWeS? MoWeS Premium!

Now that you have a MoWeS development environment make sure you install a Drupal site and database that you can use for the rest of this chapter and its examples, following the instructions provided in Chapter 1 of this book for installing Drupal. Once you have a Drupal site installed and configured, you're ready to install Memcached and the Memcache API.

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