Using the Memcache API and Integration module

The Memcache API and integration module provides an API for integration with the Memcached daemon or service. There are many methods of installing the prerequisites for using this module, specifically the Memcached library; but we're going to focus on how to easily install Memcached and the Drupal 6.x version of the module in a Windows WAMP environment using PHP 5.2.x. In order to use the Drupal module, we'll need to first install the Memcached service on our local development server and then integrate this service with our PHP version. There are many instructions available on the web for installing Memcached on a Linux or Mac OS system. You can do a Google search for tutorials on how to get Memcached installed or see the note below with links to resources on and on Lullabot's website. Our focus here is to get Memcached up and running as quickly as possible so that you can see examples of how it works in a sandbox environment, so we're going to install using WAMP on Windows XP.

The project page for the Memcache API and Integration module is here and provides a wealth of information and resources about the module: There are instructions and tutorials on how to install Memcached and the module in a Linux environment (Red Hat, CentOS, and Debian) through the websites at the following URLS: http://www. etch and If you want to read more about Memcached, you can find resources on its main organization website here:

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