How To Make Money Writing Web Articles

How to Make Money Writing Web Articles is a program developed by Yuwanda Black, specifically meant to help you earn money online through article writing. Black has been a freelancer since 1993, but writing has been the best part of his career. This program is designed from her own experience. With the experience of nearly three decades, he is no doubt the best person to train you in this field. It is interesting to learn from direct experience, and the hundreds of positive testimonials make this program the best. Within her first week of writing, Yuwanda made a lot of money. But what type of writing has she particularly focused on the program? Ever heard of SEO copywriting. The author has specifically been doing this kind of writing since 2007, probably 14 years since she ventured into writing. According to her, this is more of a blessing she equates to making passive income. In the course of duties, she gets bids, outsource, do invoicing, and still accumulates profits. Many individuals who have adopted the ideas shared in this program have become very successful as well. But again, we are talking of SEO copywriting on assumption that you know what it means. Well, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and include articles, web copy, SEO writing, and content. The main important thing in this regard is the effective use of keyword phrases.

Why You Need This Program

We live the digital error where the best part of the population has access to the internet. Where do you look for information about that fantastic product? Well, the first place individuals turn to is on search engines such as Google. This has a lot of implications for businesses. For instance, businesses have to maintain an online presence and ensure that the products are visible online. The program is designed to help you write the content that will attract traffic to the websites of your clients.

This program will help you use the keywords phrases most effectively.  You will be able to use the keyword phrases in strategic ways to have the articles attain higher ranks in the search engines. This is exactly what you are going to be paid for. Search engines such as Google use different criteria to rank sites in result pages. The top sites appear on the first page of the search results. Statistics show most of the clients do not go to subsequent pages on the search results. Businesses spent a lot of money to improve their ranking, and that is why you need to be a good SEO writer. Simply put, SEO content writers are going to be on high demand, and this means you are going to have many jobs.

Examples Of Seo Article Writing Job

There are so many types of jobs you can do with the best training you are going to get from this program. The following bare few examples:

  • Fashion blogs
  • Health articles
  • Articles for moms’ websites
  • Technology blogs
  • Photography blogs

I guess you are now interested in knowing how much you are going to earn. No problem, I would want to know that as early as possible.

The Charges

In the beginning, you may not be having many clients. You need time to establish yourself as a writer, and with quality work, everyone will be looking for your services. So how much is going to charge? Well, from the author’s experience, she started with $25 per article. An article can be 400, 200, 500, or 1000 words. Isn’t that good money? How many articles of up to 1000 words can you write in a day? Well, at the moment the author charges $150 for every article she writes. While she has lesser clients compared to when she started, her earnings significantly increased. Why? The demand for this work has significantly increased, and more than ever, companies are seeing the need to invest significantly in content marketing to get a competitive edge. A point will come when you have to subcontract.

What You Will Learn From The Program

The following is a brief overview of what and how you are going to learn SEO copywriting once you subscribe to this program:

  • Marketing Letter. The author will show you the exact marketing letter she used to gain a 25% response rate.
  • Website. You will be taught what to include in the web pages to get more clients.
  • Niche Creating. You will be taught how to sell yourself through niche marketing.
  • Writing samples. You will learn how to get samples
  • Marketing for clients. You will learn exact strategies on how to market for clients.
  • Article writing. You will learn of the basic methods you can use to write striking SEO content.
  • Interacting with clients. Learn of the expectations you should have whenever clients contact you.

Advantage Of The Program

  • It is reasonably priced.
  • You will learn how to embrace the market.
  • It has already proved with hundreds of positive reviews from clients.
  • It helps generate consistent sales.
  • Helps create an effective marketing plan and save a lot of your time.
  • You will work from the comfort of your home.

The Bottom Line

How To Make Money Writing Web Articles is a fantastic program meant to help you generate income through SEO copywriting. It is a product of a very experienced and very successful freelancer. The program a lot of positive reviews from different individuals across the world. Apart from working at the comfort of your home, you are going to gain a lot in this kind of job. Do not hesitate friend… Give it a try and start benefiting right away!

How To Make Money Writing Web Articles
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