Checking Permission useraccess and Friends

Now that you've created a permission, how do you actually make sure that it is respected in different actions? The major function is user_access(), and it can be called with just one parameter, as in this simple example:

if (user_access('some permission1)) {

// Code that should only run if the current user has "some permission"

The function checks to see if the current user has that permission and returns either TRUE if he does or FALSE if he does not have the permission.

In this first example, it is called with just one parameter: the name of the permission to check. It's also possible to call it for a specific user to see if that user has access to do something. An example of this second variation on user_access() can be seen in the function user_access:

if (user_access('administer nodes', $account)) { return TRUE;

In this case, the user account identified for the node_access function is tested to see if it has the permission ''administer nodes,'' because that permission grants a user access to all content on a site.

A third very common example of using user_access comes from the hook_menu definition.

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