Denial of Service Generic and Specific

In recent years denial of service attacks occasionally have made news headlines as servers are taken offline by attackers. There are two basic types of denial of service. The more common kind targets the more general network, operating system, or web server to overwhelm it with requests, which pushes the server into a degraded state so it can no longer perform its normal duties. This is often achieved using a large number of machines in a distributed denial of service attack. Most hosting companies have technicians who are prepared to handle distributed denial of service attacks at the network level by filtering out certain traffic or disabling services at the firewall level.

It is also possible to find weaknesses in the web application software itself that can lead to server overload and denial of service. In December 2006 the Drupal security team released a patch for the Drupal core caching mechanism to prevent a denial of service that could be caused by a user simply rapidly posting many pages to a site. In this case the solution is usually to alter the code of your site or remove a feature that created the denial of service vulnerability.

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