Drupal Site Admin

Perhaps the biggest group of people who will benefit from reading this book is Drupal site admins. These are people who have a site or a few sites that they maintain. They may know how to do a little bit of HTML, CSS, and/or PHP but are really more comfortable using Drupal's administrative interface than writing code. Does that sound like you? If so, you need this book because it will help you understand web application security and help you know which Drupal modules you could use to protect your site. Also, you'll learn enough about safe coding to be able to read a module or theme and see where the mistakes are.

This book covers some advanced programming topics, which means you've got a great book in your hands: In addition to learning security, you'll get a free introduction to the Drupal API. If you need help getting a Drupal site installed, see Appendix B, which includes a complete guide, from installation to building a multilingual site. From another perspective, some of the examples may feel a bit beyond your skill level. If you ever feel that way, you can, of course, try rereading the example, but you can also reach out to the community for more advice. The book provides several lists of resources showing where you can get more help.

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