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Another thing to remember when creating content for your site is that it's all to develop relationships with real people. They'll read your blog, they'll leave a comment, they'll bump into you at a tradeshow, and so on.

Talk about what other people are doing

One of the fastest ways to get other people to read your content is to write about them. See a cool project happening somewhere in your industry? Write about it. Then, email them and say, 'I wrote about you! Care to comment?'. Not only will they comment, there's a good chance they'll write about your post on their site. Tada! Instant new readers.

Interact early and often

If someone posts a comment, reply! Even if it's just with, 'Thanks for the comment!'. You're at least letting them know that you're paying attention and you appreciate their effort. If someone asks a question, reply to it with a good answer. If you can, send them an email with your reply since they may not visit the site again unless you do.

If you say something controversial, and it starts a firestorm, well, that's good! More readers! Just don't let someone say something bad about you without responding to it. A few months ago I posted an article about link building that, if read the wrong way, could imply that I was advocating comment spamming. No! That's a disaster and my readers said so. So, I quickly posted my clarification and thanked readers for their comments. Tough? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Learn from my mistakes and check it out at the following web site: 0 0 9/may/01/researching-backlinks-drupal-seo

Link to others

Writing great content will get you great links. A quick way to accelerate that is to link to other people in your blog posts. There are many blog services out there that will alert site owners when there is a new link to their site. Just by linking to other people, you'll see more traffic to your site when they come to see what you said. Say something nice and interesting and they're likely to talk about it and link back to you.

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