HTML, and its follow-ons, allow for a special kind of text called Headings. Headings are different than page titles in that they are visible while page titles are not. Headings normally show up large and bold at the top of a web site. These are terrific indicators of what the page is about and should be integral to the site structure. Unfortunately, they're easy to abuse. Generally speaking, you should only have one hi tag on each page of your web site. However, many site owners put hi tags around anything that they want bolded, bigger, or search engine-optimized. This is a mistake and it's confusing to readers and to Google.

What if you were standing in a bookstore and opened a book called My Life in Kenya. You flip over to Chapter 1 and see the title, Chapter 1: I like Kenya, but later down the page you see big, bold font that says 'How to Succeed in Business' and a page or two later you see 'How to Play Baseball'. You would have no idea what that book is really about and, chances are, you'd drop it back on the shelf and head over to the coffee counter for a stiff double latte to clear your head. Unfortunately, many Drupal site owners are doing the exact same thing with their H1 tags.

More than one H1 is fine, but only if...

Matt Cutts, the director of Google's search spam prevention team, released a video in early 2009 that said that having 2 or 3 <H1> tags per page is OK if they're truly defining sections of the page that should be set off as different ideas or concepts. http://budurl.com/mch1. It's not OK to just use them willy-nilly whenever you want to bold something; use <strong> or <emphasis> to set apart ideas in the text of your site. Use H2, H3, and so on to set apart subsections or major ideas that appear on the same page.

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SEO Article Copywriting

SEO Article Copywriting

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