Revisions a history of node edits

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i Node Creation: Let users create now nodes when they type in a node name which does not exist. □ Node Search: Let users search for nodes when they type in a node name which does not exist, i Automatic Redirect: (f a title of a moved page is entered, redirect automatically.


Unique Titles: Enforce that titles of new nodes are different from existing ones.

Move Protection: Disallow change of node titles for users without administer not

ies permission.


Delete Protection: Disallow deietion of nodes for users without administer nodes permission.

0 Treat underscores as spaces when looking for node titles. 'V* Treat dashes as spaces when looking for node tities.

To take full advantage of the options Node Creation, Nod& Search and Automatic Redirect you should use an input forr

Lid be linked to wikipath/Page Name.

y; Redirect work oniy if a wiki path Is set or if freelinking hijackin the patje name of a freelinfang link, i.e. freefinking/Page Name The option Automatic Redirect works only if node revisions are created.

Wikitools' options nitftllftw^H ^hsii'sH^rt in iifl^c

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