Creating Your First Group

At this point you have OG set up and ready to use. I'll create a group to demonstrate how easy the OG group module is to use. To create a group, click on the "Create content" link and select the "Set up an organic group" content type. The key fields associated with the Set up an organic group content type includes:

• Group name. Enter the name you wish to associate with the group. For demonstration purposes I'll create a group called Drupal 7 Fans.

• Description. Enter a brief description about the group. This value is used in the group details block and the group directory. I'll use "A group for fans of Drupal 7" as the description.

• Membership requests. This field presents a list of options on how requests for membership are handled. You can select "Open - all membership requests are automatically approved," "Moderated - all memberships must be approved by the group administrator," "Invite only - the group administrator sends invitations to users," or "Closed." I'll select open allowing any user to register without requiring administrator approval.

• Registration form. Specifies whether a request to join this group is displayed on the user registration form. I would like my group to show on the user registration form, so I'll check the box.

• List groups in directory. Specifies whether this group is listed in the groups directory. I want my group listed in the directory, so I'll check the box.

• Private group. Hides the group from everyone who is not a member of the group. I want my group to be publicly visible, so I'll leave the box unchecked.

• Welcome message. A message that is displayed on the homepage of the group. I'll enter a paragraph or two that describes the purpose of the group.

After saving the Set up an organic group content item the group homepage is displayed along with the group being listed in the various OG blocks, as shown in Figure C-2.

Home > Groups

Drupal 7 Fans ^^^ Edit Broadcast

My groups

Group New

Drupal 7 Fans (SI

Set Up an Organic Group Dru pa! 7 Fans has been created. No posts in this group.


welcome to the Drupal 7 fan group, if you like Drupal 7 this is tnc group to belong to. our group shares information about installing,, configuring, ana administering Drupal 7. we also nave members who iocus on module ano theme development for Drupal 7. Join up now and enjoy the benefits of membership!

This group offers an RSS feed and supports notifications, or subscribe to these personalized, sitewide feeds:

My unread: Feed page My Feed page

All pdsts: Feed page

My unread: Feed page My Feed page

All pdsts: Feed page

Recent members admin admin

Drupal 7 Fans

Create Group Post Invite Triend 1 member Manager; admin r*vy membership

New groups

Group admins admin ad frit.

Figure C-7. The new Drupal 7 Fans group homepage

Creating a Group Post

With the group set up I can now create a new Group post. Creating a post is as simple as clicking on the Create Group Post link in the Drupal 7 Fans block (see the Drupal 7 Fans block in the right column in Figure C-7). The form for creating a group post is a standard Drupal content creation form consisting of a title, body, an assign to group feature that allows the author to select which groups they wish to publish their posting to. By default, OG automatically checks the box associated with the group where the user clicked the "Create group post" link. If the user belongs to multiple groups, their other groups will be listed as checkboxes allowing the user to post the same item to multiple groups.

After saving the post it automatically appears on the homepage for the assigned group(s), and with commenting enabled, other members of the group can post comments against the post.

Expanding the Functionality of Your Organic Group Site

The functionality of a base Organics Group site is pretty impressive, but there are over 100 additional contributed modules that expand on the base capabilities of the base OG module. For a complete list of add-on modules visit and click on the Organic groups link in the projects block in the right column.

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