Setting Up Products

With the general storefront parameters set, I'm ready to set up the products on my site. For my site I am going to sell Drupal 7 coffee mugs and t-shirts. The first step in setting up products is to define the product categories that you intend to use on your site. Ubercart uses Drupal's taxonomy system to categorize products, and automatically creates a vocabulary named Catalog. Following the steps outlined in Chapter 4, I'll add the new terms for coffee cups and t-shirts. When creating the new terms, you'll notice that Ubercart provides the ability to upload an image for taxonomy terms in this vocabulary. It's a good idea to upload images and Ubercart will use those images on various parts of your site when it is referring to product categories.

The next step is to create the products you want to list on your site. I'll create two products, a Drupal 7 coffee cup and a Drupal 7 t-shirt. To create a product use the Create content link and select the Product option. On the Product page enter the appropriate attributes for your products.

For my coffee cup product I'll enter the following information:

Name: Drupal 7 Rocks Coffee Cup

Picture: I'll upload a picture of the coffee cups I want to sell on the site Description: A high quality ceramic coffee mug with the Drupal logo and Drupal 7 Rocks Catalog: Coffee Cups

SKU: 100000 (you can enter any value you deem appropriate, it must be unique across your storefront)

List price: 12.99

Cost: 4.99

Sell price: 9.99

Product and its derivates are shippable: checked

Weight: 1 pound

Package quantity: 1

Default quantity to add to cart: 1

I'll leave the default publishing options of publishing the new items to the homepage of my site. If you don't want the items to show up on the homepage uncheck the promote items to the homepage option. After saving, the coffee cup the product is now displayed on the homepage of my site. See Figure D-2.

Figure D-2. My coffee cup product displayed on my site's homepage

To demonstrate Ubercart's product category features, I'll create a second product, a Drupal 7 t-shirt. I'll follow the same steps listed previously for the coffee cup, using the appropriate values for my t-shirt. After saving the t-shirt item and returning to the home page, I now see both products listed on the homepage.

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