Social Networking

We are in the middle of a fundamental shift in how websites interact with visitors. We've moved from designing and developing websites that allow visitors to look at content to sites that allow visitors to participate in the process of creating content and sharing that content with the their circle of friends. While the general term used for this is "social networking," I like to think of it as the concept of the participative web.

In this appendix, I'll show you how to leverage Drupal's core capabilities as well as contributed modules to extend the reach of your website by enabling your visitors to participate in the content creation process and share their experience and content on your site with their circle of influence. I'll show you how to put your face on Facebook, tweet your expertise on Twitter, picture things on Flickr, and avail of other social networking capabilities.

■ Note The capabilities discussed here were not available in Drupal 7 at the time the book was written, but are available in Drupal 6 and will be ported to Drupal 7 at some point in the future.

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