User Accounts

All Drupal websites have at least one user account: the system administrator. This account is created automatically during the installation process, and is the account that you will use to administer your site. For sites where the site owner is the only one who creates content and administers the site, having just the site administrators account is all that is required. If you anticipate having others who will administer or create content, then you'll need to decide which Drupal mechanism will be used to create user accounts. Drupal provides three alternatives for you to pick from:

• Users can create their own accounts without an administrator approving their account.

• Users can request a new account, but an administrator has to approve the account before it is activated.

• Only Administrators create user accounts.

The approach you take is dependent on how you anticipate visitors using your website. If your site is informational in nature and visitors don't need to log in to see content or participate in site features (e.g., posting comments), then option 3 is the best approach, as it doesn't confuse visitors to the site by making them think that you have to log in to your site to see content. If your site has content or features that are considered "not for public consumption" and require a user account, then you will want to pick an approach that works for you depending on whether you want users to be able to create their own accounts without verifying their credentials (option 1), or you want an administrator to perform some form of verification before the users account is activated (option 2).

Setting the approach that you wish to use is part of the process of setting up the various settings for user accounts on your system.

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