Creating a product kit

Ubercart automatically creates two content types: Products and Product kits. A Product kit consists of two or more products, grouped together as a single package. Before you can create a product kit, you need at least two products, so let's create one more product for our store, following the procedure that we showed you earlier. So, go to http: //mysite . com//node/add/product. Enter iPod Sync Cable as a name and description. Select Music Players | Accessories as a category, and insert an SKU and a sell price. You don't need anything else, so go to the bottom of the page and click on Save.

In order to create the Product kit go to Home | Create content | Product kit.

If you explore this page, you'll see that there are many similarities between this and the single product creation page. You need a name, a description, and a category and you can add images and tags. There is no need for selling price, because Ubercart automatically adds the prices of the single products. So, let's add iPod Nano as name and Synch Cable as description, select iPods as the category and add the tags MP3, video, LCD, USB. The next two fields are the ones that make all the difference between a single product and a product kit:

Product Information How Is this product kit handled by the cart?:

0 Asa unit. Customers may onty change how many kits they are buying. Do not list component products. . As a unit. Customers may onty change how many kits they are buying. List component products.

0 As individual products, Customers may add or remove kit components at will. Discounts entered below are not applied to the kit price Products: *

¡pod Nano iPod Synch Cable

The first one asks us to decide How this product kit handled by the cart? You have to select between three options here:

• Display the product kit as a single unit, without showing the single products. The client has the perception that he or she buys a single product with two components.

• Display the product kit, but also display the single products. The client understands that he or she buys two separate products, packed together as a single unit.

• Display the products separately. Using this method, the client can actually break the product kit, and add or remove separate components at the shopping cart.

For your product kit, select the first method.

The second field displays all the available products. You have to select which products you are going to include in your product kit. We have only two products, so select both of them. Finally, go to the bottom of the page and click on Save. Your product kit is created.

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