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In this module we will create a new content type, named Hotel Room. After you have finished with the settings, you have to create your rooms. Go to Home | Administer | Create Content | Hotel Room Type. You may notice that it is the default product insertion form, but contains some new fields, required to update a single product page to a hotel room page. Let's create a new room type to explore all the available options.

• Title: This is the name of the room type that the clients see when they want to book a room. Enter Standard Room.

• Room Code: The room code is optional, but is useful when you have many types of rooms. Enter 101.

• Smoking Room: Select whether this type of room is Smoking or Non-Smoking.

• Maximum Occupancy: Here you can define the maximum people that can stay in this type of room. Enter 4.

• Default Minimum Occupancy Requirement: If there is a minimum occupancy requirement, enter a number here. We don't need it, so just leave the default value, 0.

• Default Number Available: If you enter a default number of available rooms here, you don't have to enter them manually for each calendar day. You just need to select a month and this value is entered for each day of this month. Let's say you have 10 rooms of this type, so enter 10 in this field.

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Create Hotel Room Type


I Standard Room Room code;

If you would like ta specify a 5KU, Model Number, or Room Cede for this room type, do so here:. ]t will display as the 5KU on conpieted orders. Room type settings

Configure basic settings for this room type.

Smoking Room:

0 Smoking ® Non-Smoking

Maximum Occupancy: *

I4 I

Set this to an integer value, far the maKiirtum number or people that can stay in rooms or this type, ^le: A) Default Minimum Occupancy Requirement:

Set this to an integer value, far the default minimum occupancy requirement of this room type per day. Rooms will be made avalfabie with this default occupancy requirement, but the value can be changed when you edit a calendar month within the node. (D = No requirement]

Default Number Available:

Set this to an integer value, fof the derault number of rooms of this type to make available per day. Rooms wiil only be made available alter a month is edited within che node, however this setting will establish, a deraulc value so simply clicking the edit Function on a calendar month, and then saving that month wui make this number of rooms available for every day of that month-

• Base Rate: Select one of the base rates that you defined in the settings section.

• Modifier: Select one of the price modifiers that you created in the settings section.

• Occupancy modifiers: Insert one of the occupancy that you created in the settings section.

Rate settings

Configure which bass rate type th;'s naum typE uses, and any modifiers bo that base rate that appiy do this raom typE.

Base Rate:

8 Base Hate 01


Q Base rate pus iia.oo O Base rate pus 30.00%

Occupancy modifiers

Occupancy mcdifiers that apply ta this room type.


□ $211.00 cach additional ever 0 0 $10.00 each additional over 2


ffi $ each atfflitional over 2

• Image: Insert an image for this hotel type.

• Body: In this you can write a short or long description, so that the clients can understand exactly what this type of room offers.

After the creation of the room, you will see a calendar for the next 12 months. This is used to enter the availability and the restrictions for each room on a daily basis.

Click on edit to enter or to see the details for each day of the selected month. If you enter a value in the Default Number Available field, it will be populated for each day. If you click on the Restrictions link, you can select a required minimum stay, the required minimum guests, and whether these rooms are available for check-in or check-out. Click on Submit and repeat this procedure with the remaining months.

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