Enabling Comments for the literarypiece Content Type

Next, you want to submit a couple of literary pieces and enter a few critiques of other pieces. Still logged in as user dev, do the following:

1. Create a couple of test member users, named, aptly enough, James and Joyce.

2. Set permissions for the Workshop Member role.

3. Log in as James and create two pieces.

4. Log in as Joyce and create two pieces.

To do this, you want to follow these steps:

1. Go to Administer > User management > Users, and click on the ''Add user'' tab.

2. Fill in the Username field with james, and provide a valid e-mail address and a suitable password. Select the role ''Workshop Member'' and ''Create new account.'' Repeat the process for joyce.

3. To set permissions for the Workshop Member role, go to Administer > User management > Access control, and select the following permissions:



Comment module

Access comments

Post comments without approval

Node module

Access content

Create literary_piece content

Edit own literary_piece content

View revisions

5. Now on the Navigation menu (titled dev since you are logged in as dev), click on the ''Log out'' link. Then log in as user james, and click on ''Create Content.'' Now, user james has the option to create Applications (as do even unauthenticated users) and Literary Pieces.

6. Click on the Literary Piece link. In order to fill in the title and the Text body, you're going to avail yourself of the marvelous Lorum Ipsum site, which provides Latin dummy text. (See www.lipsum.com/. This site explains the history of Lorem Ipsum apart from limitless Latin dummy text creation!) Quickly hit Submit, and then create another. Log out and create two literary pieces logged in as user joyce.

7. Log in as pam to survey your current status. Click the Content option from the left-side navigation menu. Pam can survey the content items created so far, what types they are, on what dates they were created, and who created them, as shown in Figure 3-9.

So far so good. Let's move on.

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