Getting Initial Feedback from the Client

Because the bottleneck now is getting the client to confirm the Roles and to start writing some short, pithy user stories, contact your client on Skype and look over the site together. The discussion at this point is basically an interview, wherein you first show the list of users and their roles and ask if any important role is missing. Then you confirm the first cut list of user stories. You struggle against ''user story explosion,'' making sure to keep to the main ones only. Then you confirm the domain model. Then you compare that to the content types that have actually been created in accordance with the domain model. Pam finds out how to create content types here using the basic navigation interface (Drupal menu: Create content, Content). And you finish up the meeting by discussing the next step to be taken, namely, that of writing up all the user stories!

Pam enjoyed the fact that there was something up and running so quickly. She logged in, checked out the site, and then clicked Roles, which we have discussed. She agreed that the list was indeed exhaustive for the initial website launch, so we were all set to go on that score.

We then checked over the user stories (I had published the first cut list in a blog on the site itself) and got right down to work. In a few days, we had the whole set written and ready to finish off together as a collaborative effort between developer team and client.

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