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FroKnows Photo Guide To DSLR Video

This ebook course will teach you how to take amazing-quality videos with your existing DSLR camera; you don't need to get upgraded equipment (that's usually just a nice term for expensive!) or take a college class to get the knowledge that you need; you will be able to take amazing videos in no time with the depth of knowledge that you will learn from this course. This ebook teaches you how to use the features that your DSLR camera already has to take professional quality videos. Here's a trade secret of photography: it's not so much about the equipment that you use as it is about the Knowledge that you have of the camera you are using the area surrounding where you are shooting. Once you have that knowledge that you will learn from this book, you will be able to shoot the amazing-quality videos that you have always wanted out of your camera! Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The very first point I want to make certain that FroKnows Photo Guide To DSLR Video definitely offers the greatest results.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Video Editing

With video-sharing web sites like YouTube and its clones firmly embedded in the mainstream consciousness, and the Firefox browser now having built-in support for the Free Software Ogg Theora video format, it's arguable that the Internet has outgrown its text-only origins. Whatever you think of the late Marshall McLuhan's theories on print versus TV, making videos and sharing them is just plain fun. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box support for editing and publishing video shorts on the GNU Linux platform has lagged behind the proprietary competition. It's not just that writing a nonlinear video editor is hard after all, the Free Software development community has tackled other ambitious projects. It's more likely that the effect of software patent claims on video codecs (compression and decompression methods) is to blame. This issue has prevented many GNU Linux distributions from shipping video-editing applications, damaging integration and restricting the user base to the seriously...

What This Book Covers

Chapter 9 Video describes how to embed media that is shared on the Web. As part of this chapter, we examine how to integrate video production into a curricula, and how video production can relate to other types of content stored on the site. As with podcasts, the emphasis in this chapter is on what can be learned through video production, and on how to use the medium of video effectively.

Hardware and Software to Create Videos

The complexity of producing videos can vary widely. As an easy option, videos can be shot by one person in natural light using a cell phone and uploaded directly to the Web a complex option would be a video shoot requiring a large crew, specialized cameras, microphones, lighting equipment, video editing software, and dedicated computers for video editing and rendering. The variables for more complex setups are beyond the scope of this book, and fortunately, largely unnecessary for most video production. Before spending any money on hardware or software for producing videos, talk to people within your organization. If your school offers a course in video production, speak with the instructors and students of that course. In addition to getting good recommendations on equipment, you also might be able to enlist support and assistance if you need it. For many classroom uses, specialized lighting equipment and editing stations, while nice, are not necessary. Obviously, if the videos are...

Audacity Blender Drupal GIMP Scribus and other Open Source Tools

Crafting Digital Media is your foundation course in image manipulation, illustration, animation, 3D modeling, publishing, recording audio and making music, DJ'ing, mixing and mastering audio CDs, video editing and web content delivery. Every technique described in the book can be achieved on GNU Linux, but many of the applications covered run on Windows and Mac OS X as well. New to GNU Linux, and feeling a little daunted Don't worry there is a step-by-step tutorial on Ubuntu, for either temporary use or permanent installation.

Final Render and Output

To save the rendered image in a format that can be used by other graphics programs, click the far-right button in the first, main group on the left side of the Panels bar. This is the Scene button, which has an icon like a very small gray landscape, although this is hard to see (keyboard shortcut F10). The Format panel that appears includes a number of preset buttons for common video formats, including PAL, NTSC, and HD. For further use in a bitmap graphics program like the GIMP, choose the Full format button unlike PAL or NTSC, it doesn't scale down the number of pixels in the output file.

Drupal as a Video Hosting and Processing Platform

Additionally, if your academic program needs to support the streaming of large amounts of video, using either FlashVideo or Media Mover will have performance benefits. As noted above, using FlashVideo or Media Mover requires a more robust server environment, but the benefits of hosting your own video processing (that is, onsite conversion of different video formats to Flash files) can justify the additional time needed to set up the server infrastructure.

Exporting the Finished Movie

To try rendering with different container formats and codecs, click the plus (+) icon button at lower left in the Export dialog. Doing so opens the Custom Video Format window, which enables you to name and save presets for format and codec combinations of your choice (see Figure 11-29). This is where things start to get complicated the exact codecs available depend on the version of FFmpeg ( installed. As when you're using Avidemux, it's possible to create a custom format this way that no player software will ever support, so it's important to test the output video file on a variety of players. This is especially critical if you've never tried a particular video format before. custom video Format Custom Video Format Figure 11-29. You can specify new presets in the Custom Video Format window.

Newbies Guide To Video Marketing

Newbies Guide To Video Marketing

If You're Not Using Video Marketing In Your Business You're Almost Certainly Leaving Money On The Table. There's no getting round the fact that video is growing in popularity almost BY THE HOUR in internet marketing. Pretty much ALL successful marketers are using video in their marketing strategies on sales pages, in viral marketing and in list building. And anyone who's not using it IS going to be left behind.In a big way.

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