About the Author

J. Ayen Green is a software and website developer, writer, and poet. He is the chief software designer at Ayen Designs. He and his wife, Sofia-Aileen, make their home in New York City.

This was my second title for Packt, and was as enjoyable an experience as the first. That isn't coincidental, and I'd like to thank those responsible for the smooth ride: Usha Iyer, my acquisition editor, who has a keen eye for talent and a sharp sense of humor; Lata Basantani, projects team leader; Poorvi Nair, project coordinator, who is always warm and gracious, even when cracking the whip; Dhiraj Chandiramani, my development editor, Neha Damle, my technical editor, who is very adept at turning a mound of manuscript into what you're holding, and Patricia Weir, who always brings a smile to my face, and the rest of the Packt team, Rekha Nair, Gagandeep Singh, Lata Basantani, Lesley Harrison, Nilesh Mohite, Dolly Dasilva and Shradha Vichare, all of whom combined to create a beautiful publication.

Constructively critiquing another's work is always a challenge, and my technical reviewers, Dave M and Lena Doppel were definitely up to it. Whatever I may think of my writing ability, I'm certain that your experience was the better for their efforts.

This website used in this book was a live site, GuildBuildersInc. com, and its development occurred in parallel with the writing (not for the faint of heart). Many thanks to Scott Corley, its president, for sponsoring a fun project, being flexible regarding the design and timing (one usually doesn't measure website development in chapters), and for not changing the specs along the way—well, not too often.

My wife, Sofia-Aileen, once again, handled this project with the minimum of grumbling, despite our usually being two ships passing in the night. You're always there to give me a reason to get up in the morning—beyond brewing coffee for you.

Finally, I must not fail to mention those who provided the foundation for this book. My thanks to Dries Buytaert, for his gift (and that of some of the world's best coders) of bringing Drupal to the world. Equal thanks go to Earl Miles, aka merlinofchaos, for his spectacular creation known as Views. And to the countless denizens of #drupal, #drupal-support, and the Drupal lists, especially Kenn_ VM, who are always willing to give advice, empathy and/or a laugh.

About the Reviewers

Lena Doppel studied organizational development, computer science and web design. Currently she is working as a university lecturer, consultant, and web developer.

She is teaching media technology and web design at the University for Applied Arts, Vienna and is co-owner of 'cat-x media' providing Web and Drupal services for small companies, artists, museums, and exhibitions. When time allows she also blogs a little on her own website lenadoppel.com.

I would like to thank Florian Prix for calling me his favorite girl geek, the Drupal community for just being there and Drupal for growing up the way it does.

Dave Myburgh has been involved with computers since before the web existed. He studied as a molecular biologist, but discovered that he liked working with computers more than bacteria. He had his own computer business in South Africa (where he grew up) doing technical support and sales. He even created a few static websites for clients during that time.

After moving to Canada, he got sucked into the world of Drupal a few years ago, when a friend wanted a site for a local historical society. Since then he has once again started his own company and now builds websites exclusively in Drupal (he doesn't "do static" anymore). There is no lack of work in the Drupal world and he now balances his time between work and family. He has reviewed several Drupal books including Drupal 5 Themes and Drupal 6 Themes.

I would like to thank my family for being so supportive of me and what I do. Working from home can be a mixed blessing sometimes, but having the opportunity to watch my son grow up makes it all worthwhile.

This book is dedicated to my cousin Gerry. Aside from teaching me to play poker, stick ball, and the trumpet, and taking me on one of the most memorable joyrides I've ever been on, he is one of those rare people who is always there, and in so being tends to make things better.

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