Example Using the Poormanscron module

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Poormanscron module: http://drupal.org/project/poormanscron I

If you do not have access to the cron utility on your host system install Poormanscron. The module invokes the cron hooks of all enabled modules at periodic intervals.

1. Install and enable the Poormanscron module.

2. Configure the module at admin/settings/poormanscron. Set the Cron runs interval to 30 minutes.


Runs Drupal cron jobs without the cron application,

Cron runs interval:

Minimum number of minutes between cron runs. Cron will actually execute during the first page request after the interval has elapsed.

Retry interval:

The number of minutes to wait after a cron run error before retrying.

3. Check the log entries for a completed cron run, as in Example 1, Step 8.

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