Recipe Integrating the Tracker View with the Tracker module

1. Enable the tracker module at admin/build/modules. It is a core Drupal module so you don't need to download anything (if the comment module is not yet enabled, go ahead and enable it since it's required for tracker).

2. Go to the My Account page. A link is located in your Administration menu. You may also visit Administer | User management | Users

(admin/user/user), and click on a username. Note the new Track tab.

3. Notice the URL for this tab, The 1 in the URL is a user ID. There is no connection between this URL and your tracker view. They are two different resources. You can, however, make a small modification in the URL of your tracker view enabling it to replace the module's tracker display.

4. Go to admin/build/views and open a tracker (use either the default, or one of your existing tracker views from Recipe 20 or 21).

5. In the Page fieldset, replace the URL with the following: user/$arg/track.

This matches the URL used by the tracker module. Interestingly, when you use arguments there is always an invisible $arg appended to the end of the view URL. For instance, we were able to use the URL taxonomy/term/15/feed in Recipe 16, even though we specified the URL as taxonomy/term. The URL instructions explicitly say to leave $arg off the end of the URL when you define the view. However, if you want an argument to appear in the middle of the URL, do add the $arg variable.

6. Go to the Fields fieldset and add Comment: Add link. Give it a label of Add a Comment (this will make it easy to distinguish the tracker view from the tracker module display).

7. Save the view.

8. Go to (you may also try a different user number). Your view now replaces the original tracker display created by the module.

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Feel free to go back and remove the Add a comment field, if you do not want to leave it in your tracker view.

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