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Working with Video Clips

Continue adding video files until the shots of your movie are roughly in the correct order. Then, trim the start and end points of each shot by clicking and dragging the edge handles, to remove boring or irrelevant frames. By default, adjacent video clips snap together to ensure that there are no blank frames between them. You can switch off this snapping behavior using the small horseshoe magnet icon to the immediate left of the timeline indicator strip (see Figure 11-24). Figure 11-24. Video clips snap together when the magnet icon is active. Figure 11-24. Video clips snap together when the magnet icon is active. Figure 11-25. To crossfade two video clips, overlap them. Figure 11-25. To crossfade two video clips, overlap them. Figure 11-26. Effects, like this cartoon-style plug-in, are dragged and dropped onto video clips. Figure 11-26. Effects, like this cartoon-style plug-in, are dragged and dropped onto video clips.

Creating a You Tube playlist and display a random video

Good Eatin Goal Enhance the YouTube filter to play from a list of videos, and explore other features of the Video Filter module. watch v eV_oOckAPM autoplay 1 width 24 0 height 160 align right Good Eatin' Goal Integrate a YouTube video into an existing content type instead of using a filter.

Recipe You Tube Video

In this recipe, YouTube and Views do all the heavy lifting, while our work is easy. A minute's effort will place a bar of four pop-up YouTube videos at the top of a view. 1. Visit the Google Video Bar Wizard at http uds solutions wizards videobar.html. Put YouTube Videos on Your Web Page Embed a strip of YouTube videos on your on your web page and let your users watch the video channels youVe selected without leaving your site. Customize how the video bar should be displayed, and this wizard will write the code for you. YouTube Channels 2. Unselect Most Viewed Videos. Replace the YouTube Channels with the channel of your choice (multiple channels are separated by a comma).

Embedding a You Tube video with a filter

Good Eatin' Goal Add videos that are stored on YouTube to an existing page. YouTube ( is a popular video sharing site where you can view videos that have been created and submitted by people across the globe. YouTube allows you to link to videos stored on their site so that you can share them with your own visitors, without incurring bandwidth charges. In fact, you can even earn revenue from the videos if you have a Google AdSense account. 4. We will name the input format YouTube and allow only administrators to use this format. Depending on your site's needs, you will need to decide who should be able to use the input format. Just make sure that anyone with access to this format will comply with your site's terms and not link to videos that you wouldn't want on your site. YouTube You can also use the Video Filter module to display videos from Google Video, GodTube, DailyMotion, Eyespot, Jumpcut, Revver, and Vimeo by using the same techniques. To use these alternative...

What this book covers

In Chapter 6 we explore some rarely-covered but powerful modules, including Views Fusion, Views Fast Search, Views Bonus Pack Export, and Google Maps Tools, We also create a YouTube Video Bar, detail the steps to install jQuery Update with a Lightbox2 Gallery, and examine how to use the Flag module for a variety of applications.

Format and Codec Choice

Video web sites like YouTube specify which formats and codecs are preferred for uploads in their user documentation. At the time of writing, the specification for uploads in the YouTube Handbook (available at t yt_handbook_produce) is as follows H.264 is a currently fashionable codec for Internet video it's provided in Avidemux by the Free Software implementation x264 (see developers x264.html). The x264 encoder is used by the Google Video web site, among others. Video files encoded in H.264 are usually packed into the MPEG-4 container format rather than the older MPEG-2 format found on DVDs.

Drupal as a Video Hosting and Processing Platform

Drupal can be configured to work as a fully-functional YouTube or Google Video clone, by using either the FlashVideo module (http project flashvideo) or the Media Mover module (http project media_mover). Setting up the environment to serve video requires some familiarity with setting up Linux-based servers and an open source video conversion utility called ffmpeg. The advantage of building your own video processing site is that it gives you full control over all aspects of your material, with none of the privacy concerns, or concerns over inappropriate content, that you may have with YouTube or Google Video.

Hardware and Software to Create Videos

Copying Videos from YouTube Google Video When uploading and playing videos on your website, you should pay attention to file size. Most video software packages will compress video, but there are times when you might not want to use a local computer to compress video, simply for reasons of time. In these cases, you can use Google Video or YouTube to compress the video. Once the video has been compressed, you can download it to your local machine, and unpublish delete the video from Google Video or YouTube. This browser extension allows you to download videos from most video sharing sites as such, this can be useful if you want to show a video from a site that happens to be blocked by your organization's firewall. Download the video from a location outside the firewall, and upload it to your site as described earlier in this chapter. Then, you can display this video from within the firewall. Many online tools can be used to create videos, and many sites allow you to add clips, edit them...

Integrating Your Site with Social Networking Sites

Linking content to social networking sites is only one dimension of the capabilities you have with Drupal. Another approach is to integrate the content from various social networking sites into your Drupal site and automatically post new content items created on your site on various social networking sites. There are several Drupal contributed modules for integrating your site with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Integrating with YouTube Integrating your Drupal site with YouTube provides a low-cost approach for hosting video content on your site without having to pay the bandwidth charges for streaming or downloading video directly from your server. The two key YouTube related modules are Provides the ability to upload a video from your Drupal site directly to YouTube when the author attaches a video to a node. The Embedded Media module (http project emfield). Provdes the ability to incorporate YouTube videos into nodes on your site....

Additional Software Installation

One package you're likely to need from the multiverse section is flashplugin-installer, which downloads Adobe's proprietary Flash plug-in for Firefox and other browsers. Many contemporary websites won't work without it. Although Free Software alternatives to the plug-in are under development by the Gnash and Swfdec projects, for now at least, Adobe's plug-in remains the most functional choice for multimedia websites like YouTube and MySpace. See software gnash for more details about Gnash.

Enhancing content with the Embedded Media Field

In the last two topics, we explored inserting YouTube videos into existing content. But what if you want to add video fields to all instances of a specific content type For example, if you have a content type for a cooking class, you could include fields for 9. The complete list of possible providers is shown below. We will only select YouTube for our field. The following services are provided YouTube

Third Party Video Providers

Many sites desiring video will choose to use a third-party video provider such as YouTube or Blip.TV. This reduces the bandwidth requirement from their server, is easy to include in their posts, and allows videos to be easily shared virtually by users across the Internet. Using YouTube as an example, an administrator wotil d first need to upload a video to YouTube. This will require an account at YouTube, but they make it fairly painless for a user to jump in and contribute videos. You'll just need to follow their instructions

Converting Video with Avidemux

Sometimes you have a complete video project that happens to be in the wrong format. This section's example uses a video that's already been shot, and converts it to a format suitable for YouTube or another video-sharing web site. Note As you read a couple of chapters ago about making podcasts, it's important to check copyright details before you upload any media to the Internet. Most video-sharing web sites, including YouTube, ask you to swear that you have copyright for the material you're uploading, which is their way of passing the buck. It means that if the lawyers come knocking at YouTube's door, they can redirect those lawyers to visit you instead.

Web and Platform Choice

Since about 2004, Internet pundits have used the term Web 2.0 to describe user-driven sites that host social networking communities, including sites for music and video creators. MySpace and YouTube are examples of Web 2.0 these are sites that couldn't have been built using static HTML pages or Flash animation alone. Instead, web content is held in a database, and the pages seen by the visitor are generated on the fly by the server. The database is the feature that allows a social-networking site to display the day's most popular content, without anyone having to rebuild the home page manually. Many, if not most, Web 2.0 sites are based on Free Software, whether it's the Apache web server, the MySQL database, the PHP scripting language, or a content management system (CMS) written in PHP, such as Drupal.

Optimize images video and other media

Google Image Search uses the file name and the alt tag to determine what the image is all about. Other services, like YouTube, Viddler, and video search engines, need help to determine what your video is about so that they can show it to people that are interested in watching your masterpiece. Make sure that you can take advantage of these powerful streams of traffic by adhering to the following guidelines. Did you know that, as of mid-2009, Google-owned YouTube is 2nd ranked search engine in the world It's behind Google's main search engine but ahead of such industry stalwarts as Yahoo and Bing. With that kind of power, you can't afford to ignore the power of video on your web site.

Multipurpose Fields

Although it might be easy to dismiss that, there's actually no technical reason not to allow this. Due to some limitations of the browsers, there would be some (simple) problems to solve, namely with the UI since for security purposes, an upload field is handled differently than the simple text field used to paste a YouTube video URL. Additionally, there were some inherent limitations in CCK during Drupal 5 that would have made this a difficult request to fulfill.

Viral marketing

Viral Marketing is a relatively new marketing concept, which revolves around utilizing social networks. One particular example of viral marketing is utilizing video sharing web sites such as YouTube, and promoting videos that advertise businesses, web sites, products or services by using them in the video. This technique is probably more suited to large social networking sites with large marketing budgets who are trying to promote a brand. Information on using YouTube in particular was recently posted on a technology blog called TechCrunch (http www.techcrunch.

New Media

Although this last section is highly speculative, it is important to remember that changes can happen quickly on the Internet and within Drupal. For instance, YouTube didn't exist before 2005, and it opened a new model for embedding third-party videos that Drupal quickly embraced.

Third Party Video

Only a few scant years ago, video on all but the largest sites was nearly unheard of due to bandwidth limitations and the dearth of available technology. However in a couple of years, adding video became more accessible, but was fairly difficult. But YouTube and providers of it transformed the Internet, allowing videos to be uploaded and embedded even within individual blog posts. The benefit of hosting video is adding your own branding and possibly having this advertising space available, although some providers such as Revver have an ad revenue sharing option. YouTube has been hinting for some time that it will also allow revenue sharing. But at the time of this writing, that is not a reality. On the other hand, there may be copyright issues involved for which you should examine the relevant terms of service before making a decision.

Rich Text Editing

Every Web developer, whether novice or expert, expects to be able to create pretty Web pages with links to other pages and bold text and pictures. To achieve this functionality, you may choose from several Drupal modules that provide rich text editors, also referred to as WYSIWYG ( What you see is what you get ) editors. Most of these modules include a third-party JavaScript library that you will need to download and install in addition to the Drupal module. Drupal's full list of filters and editors, which can be found at contains rich text editors and filters that will help you to integrate rich media into your Web site. For example, a video filter in this list can help you place YouTube and Google Videos into your content another filter provides for Flickr integration (http project flickr). If you need more than basic text editing capabilities, look through the full list of available editors and filters you may find just the right tool for your job. Remember to log into...

Theming Your Site

When you think about it, there's really not much difference between the functionality of YouTube and Flickr. Certainly, one manages video content and the other focuses on photos. But these sites have more similarities than differences. Both manage media content and allow users to share their uploads. Both allow users to create a network of contacts. Users can create their own profiles, comment on others' content, and mark content as a favorite for later reference.

Video Editing

With video-sharing web sites like YouTube and its clones firmly embedded in the mainstream consciousness, and the Firefox browser now having built-in support for the Free Software Ogg Theora video format, it's arguable that the Internet has outgrown its text-only origins. Whatever you think of the late Marshall McLuhan's theories on print versus TV, making videos and sharing them is just plain fun.

Managing Media

Drupal core also allows you to embed media within nodes that is hosted on other websites. So if you have photos hosted on Flickr or videos hosted on YouTube (or any other site that allows off-site embedding) you can paste the provided embed code into your posts. And you are also free to create a link to the original location of the media in your post. It is important to note that if you wish to embed media from other sites you must have the Full HTML input format selected. The standard Filtered HTML input format strips out the embed tags for security reasons. Directly integrating video in a Drupal site (or any type of site for that matter) is a tricky proposition for several reasons. First, video files tend to be larger than other forms of media. So unless your videos are short and small in viewing size you may have problems actually getting them uploaded via the browser on a shared web host. Second, video typically requires more processing on the server side than either audio or...

Embeddable Widgets

We are already seeing a push towards distributed data, as seen with sites such as Flickr, YouTube, and Google Docs. I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg. The current challenge is to allow the easy creation of widgets, both administratively and by end users. For instance, besides the familiar embeddable videos that have exploded around the Internet since the advent of YouTube, sites increasingly want to create mash-ups of media such as multimedia slideshows.

Embedded Media Field

Finally, we come to the alternative of hosting video from our own servers. Although using a module such as Media Mover combined with services such as Amazon S3 nukes serving video a slightly easier task than it might have otherwise been, for most sites the bandwidth required for serving video is generally not a viable option. Additionally, sites may wish to take advantage of the viral opportunities of hosting video through a widely recognized provider such as YouTube or Blip.TV. V YouTube

Embedding Videos

The following services are provided, Brightcove, Da My motion, Google, JumpCut,, Live Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, Revver, Seven load. Spike TV, Tudou, Veoh, Vimeo, YouTube, Custom URL Sharing video that has been uploaded to your site can require a significant amount of server resources. If a small number of videos are shared in this way, it will not have a significant impact. If, however, video sharing becomes a widespread need, you should look to storing your videos on an external service and streaming them from there, or setting up your site to process and compress videos as mentioned later in this chapter.

File name

The first and easiest way to identify what the file is about is to use a descriptive file name. A filename like img0004 . jpg does nothing for you. However, president-obama- eats -donut. jpg is descriptive, keyword-filled and does wonders for the findability of, say, a presidential pastries web site. The file extension (. j pg) also tells the search engines a lot about what that file is and how to display it to users. Make sure your videos have video extensions, your flash files have flash extensions, and so on.

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